The keyless all-in one video and audio enabled smart lock you can control right from your phone.

Automatically locks when you leave.
Receive an alert and a video every time someone is standing at your front door.
Talk to your visitors from anywhere with 1-way video and 2-way audio.
Create passcodes for family, friends and visitors, and set times for them to expire.

Make your home even smarter

Altro Smart allows you to see everything that happens at your front door. The next-generation smart lock replaces your existing lock and doorbell and lets you see, talk and monitor all of your visitors.

What makes us the smartest choice?

Altro Smart is the next-generation keyless, all in one smart lock. While other smart locks require two or more products, you only need one Altro Smart.

Your phone is your new front door

With Altro Smart you can have total control of your door from anywhere. Our 1 way video, 2 way audio system connects right to your mobile app, so you can greet visitors from anywhere.


Keys are now a thing of the past

With your new Altro Smart digital key, the smart lock connects with your phone and can automatically lock your door when you leave. No phone? No problem, just long press/hold the doorbell button and enter your passcode to unlock your door.

Managing your home’s access made easy

Easily set and provide a unique passcode to all of your users and visitors. Create digital keys for family, friends and trusted visitors which can be used to unlock Altro Smart using the keypad, activated by long pressing the doorbell button, to grant access. You can even set up expiration dates to align with when it is time for a guest to leave.


Alerts sent to your phone to keep you updated

Altro Smart is motion sensored and will alert you every time someone is standing at your door, and when they have entered and left. Easily manage your alerts and notifications right in your Altro Smart app.

Always know who comes and goes

Altro Smart takes a 10-second video of everyone who enters the house, so you can make sure your loved ones get home safe. You can always review your doors activity right from your Altro Smart app.


Easy to install

Installing Altro Smart is quick and easy, all you’ll need is a phillips head screwdriver and it’s recommended that the unit be four feet above the ground.

Simplified property management

With Altro Smart you can simplify property management and provide the best tenant experience. Whether managing single or multiple locations, Altro Smart provides a simple to use interface and removes the need for expensive onsite servers. Altro Smart even provides tenants with the ability to manage guest or employee access to their own interior suites.


Features Coming Soon to the Altro Smart Lock!
Auto Unlock

The new auto unlock feature will allow the Altro Smart Lock to connect with your phone to sense your presence as you approach your door and will automatically unlock your door for you. There is no need to remove your phone from your pocket or purse, which makes Altro Smart a completely hands free and next generation smart lock.