Simple Control

Homeowners can use TiO the way they want to.

The Switch

With the touch of a button, lights turn on, music starts, temperature changes and magic happens.

The App

Use the TiO app on a smartphone or tablet, or connect it to our in-wall touch controls to reign supreme over your smart home.


Control with voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Simple Integration.

TiO easily integrates with common household smart products so everything can be controlled in one place.


Manage lighting room-by-room with simplicity.


TiO seamlessly integrates with smart thermostats so the temperature’s always right.


Control music apps through TiO and let the music play throughout the home.


Garage doors open and close with TiO, no matter where the user is.


TiO's security device management keeps homes safe and sound.


Connect IP cameras with TiO to keep an eye on things.

The TiO Experience.

Don’t just live... Experience!

TiO allows homeowners to create custom, repeatable experiences no matter when or what the occasion is. Customize the climate, lighting, music and more and recreate it any time. The only limitation is the imagination.

Coming Home

Make coming home every day a big deal. Turn the house back on before you get there.

Dinner Time

Set the mood for a meal around the dining table.

Party Time

Turn the music up and the lights down with the touch of button.

Sleep Time

TiO keeps the house comfortable throughout the night, and when it’s time to wake up…

Rise and Shine

...TiO wakes everyone up without the need for an alarm clock.

Gotta Run

When it’s time to go, TiO locks up shop until it’s time to come home again.

What to Expect of Home Automation

  • Waking up in an AMX controlled home allows you to begin your day with an experience that elevates your family to a whole new level of comfort and convenience.
  • Your AMX touch panel enables the blinds and drapes in all of your bedrooms to open as the interior lights fade up slowly.
  • Your children listen to their favorite music from each of their custom playlists; while you and your spouse watch your favorite morning news.
  • Meanwhile, activated by motion sensors, the bathroom lights come on when you enter. And finally, at the touch of a button on your wall-mounted AMX touch panel, energizing music from your satellite radio fills the shower washing away any lingering drowsiness.
  • Downstairs your spouse has already opened all of the window treatments, turned on lights in appropriate rooms, and prompted the lawn sprinklers to water the lawn and landscape all at the touch of a button and all while preparing breakfast.
  • As everyone leaves for work, school or to run errands, you press a button labeled “AWAY” on your wall-mounted AMX touch panel. This action turns off all lights throughout your home, adjusts the temperature to desired degrees, and arms the security system.

What a wonderful way to start the day...!

Let’s Talk TiO

We’re proud of our products and the homes they go into. We understand you have a responsibility to keep costs down, timelines firm and customers happy into the future. You want a smart home solution that is simple to use, cost effective, allows you to differentiate your homes and helps you sell homes faster.

That’s the power of TiO.

15 minutes is all it takes to get an overview of how TiO works.