The Remote

The NEEO Remote is the instant interface to control your AV devices and smart home gadgets. No need for multiple remotes or smart phone apps.

The smart home needs a smart remote

Our daily interaction with technology should feel more natural. Changing volume should be accessible without having to unlock a phone first. Same for your favorite songs, music, lights or temperature. Access everything in one place. Instantly.

The Brain

The Brain commands your smart devices and gadgets. It works with either the NEEO Remote or the app for your phone.

Works with over 60’000 devices.

Fast setup of all devices in NEEO’s amazing database. With the most active community contributing to an unseen quality of that data.

Build systems of any size.

Residential installations or hotels are ideally covered by NEEO’s Multi-Brain system. Easy to setup and no single point of failure.

NEEO X Control4 plug and play

Add NEEO PRO to any Control4 system with just a few clicks. A powerful up-sale opportunity for dealers.

A powerful winner.

Award winning design with even more speed and memory. Tailored for an ideal experience.

Anywhere, anytime.

The NEEO admin interface: Access all your NEEO systems in field, get important alerts, and coordinate updates or maintenance remotely.

Get the latest accessories.

Get certified NEEO PRO accessories for the installation market: RS-232 modules, 19” rack mounts, THX certified cables and much more.