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Our elegantly designed devices give you control of your home from wherever. We are a leading provider of for Smart Home Automation Systems. Get the best-selling, most-reliable home control and automation technology that is easy to install and setup.

Safe and in control of your home

With the app, you can easily and securely control all your home electronics and accessories.

  • >> Ask to turn off the lights from your smartphone.
  • >> Lock the front door on your smart device.
  • >> Control things remotely with the help of Apple TV. Even tell your new Home Pod to turn up the music.

and many more

Set the mood, and glide through your day. You can literally set anything to your liking whether it’s lighting, temperature or even security measures. Monitor and limit movement areas of your home/office via motion sensors. Create a stress free home for you and the family or set an upbeat mood for your guests. Simply live conveniently. The possibilities are limitless.

Solutions for all

Enhance your lifestyle by combining cutting edge technology with the benefits of SmartHome. the system can be individually programmed to suit your lifestyle; taking the level of comfort and convenience in your home further. SmartHome feature a centralised control that allows you to monitor every aspect of your home with a single tap, using our user-friendly application and control panels.


Smarthome provides a single system approach to managing and simplifying a wide range of devices and systems that populate residences, home theatres and several forms of your lifestyle

Home Automation

Enjoy a life without chaos, clutter, wires or missing remotes. Smarthome puts you back in control of all your home's devices and systems with a single button. Take complete control of your home with Smarthome automation solutions.


Now you can integrate telephones, intercom and high-speed Internet access into one conveniently accessible and controllable system. Make calls and see who's at the door from your touch panel, without leaving your chair. Utilizing the latest technologies you can turn your home into the home of the future – today.

Private Transportation

Our residences are where we spend the majority of our time but what about when we're away from home and on the road, in the air or out at sea. Smarthome solutions are completely mobile and were developed to simplify technology and how we use it no matter where it's used. Yachts, jets, buses and automobiles are just as easily configured to be managed by a Smarthome system as a residence. Whether you are entertaining business partners or hosting family and guests, one-touch control sets an unmatched standard of comfort and luxury.

Climate Control

Whether indoors or outdoors, you'd be wise to consider an energy saving HVAC system that can adjust temperatures according to time of day or room usage. Not only can it make managing your home's climate almost effortless, it can also save you money.