We are about people

Our team is young and tech savvy- always pushing the limit of technology

We are about relations

Our clients can count on genuine, finest products and technologies from OEMs

We are about service

In the world of technology-after sales is key and we just do that-keeping our clients happy.

We are about transformation

We are techprenuers –transforming how we interact with technology.

We are about smart living

Turn your home into smart spaces with the power of smart devices.

We are about home automation

Enjoy the power of a single touch to command and control devices in your residence-whether home or away

We are about Internet of Things

The power on internet cannot be rivalled – your dreams come alive.

We are about connected homes

Distributed music/video and scenes themed lighting connects your home. Every space now has its own control- but centrally connected.

We are about modern experience

Experience modern inventions that transform lives and how to interact with technology-today and tomorrow.

We are about luxury products

Travel the world over- now you got luxury products right here in Kenya. We carry the finest brands – value for money!