Fun usually starts with music and TiO plays all the music in the world through the most popular streaming services and internet radio providers. Have a huge music collection? TiO streams content from your home network. Not enough? No problem! Just connect to your TiO system via AirPlay or Google Cast, or add another digital audio source.


Selecting a Room
Click on the current room name to open a dropdown menu. Select desired room.

Dimming the Lights
Move the slider up for brightness, down for dimness.
Turning Lights On or Off
Click on the power button below the selected light fixture.


TiO works with Nest® and Honeywell Total Connect Comfort thermostats. TiO even displays a five-day forecast.


TiO works with your existing security system to keep you safe – never forget to arm your system again.



Set the lighting level, set the temp, select the music and volume and position the shades where you want them—then save the MOOD with the touch of a button. You can recall the MOOD at will or schedule it to activate at a preset time.


While MOODS are for a single space or room, EXPERIENCES are a collection of MOODS and can include the entire house. Think, “Welcome Home” or “Vacation Mode” or even “Dinner Party.”


Customization of your lightswitches is incredibly easy, using 1-, 2- or 4-button configurations via the TiO Home App. simply launch the app, make the changes and move on. You can even change the custom labels whenever you want.


TiO can display your camera views right in the app – as many as you want, from where ever you are.


Through our TiO Home App, you can quickly and easily create unique TiO Moods™ in every room in your home. To capture a Mood, simply walk into a room, set all the elements to your desired levels and tap “Capture Mood”. Instantly every nuance is saved and can be recreated whenever you want. Want to add more Moods? Maybe you changed your mind? No problem! Just add another Mood or edit an existing one. Does it get any easier?


Through the TiO Home App you can create whole house TiO Experiences™ for the ultimate in comfort and control. TiO Experiences seamlessly orchestrate multiple rooms and elements to completely automate your home’s lights, climate and music. You can schedule Experiences or sync them with sunset and sunrise. Imagine having all the power to perfectly create your ultimate home environment, right in the palm of your hand. No instruction manual, no computer and no service call. Just you and TiO making it happen. Sound good? We think so too!


Your TiO system can be controlled manually, if you’re old school like that, by the use of the TouchLite 4 (TL4). The TL4 can control virtually anything including all types of lights, fans, music, security, shades and more.
Customizing how the TL4 works is really easy. You decide how many buttons there are (1-, 2- or 4-button configurations) and what each one does via the TiO Home App. With TiO simply launch the app, make the changes and move on. You can even change the custom labels whenever you want.

Advantage smarthome


Technology is supposed to make your life better and simpler, not more complicated. You want it to blend naturally into your home and lifestyle. That's what you get with smarthome.
PROAV has been the industry leader in home automation and control for more than four years.


smarthome doesn't just add technology to your home; we simplify all the technology that's already there. We don't add layers of complexity; we remove them.

If there's one thing you can count on it's that your life and needs will change. A smarthome home automation system is also infinitely flexible, so it can grow right along with those changing needs.


Premier support is more than a responsibility at smarthome; it's an extension of our commitment to provide the best, easiest customer experience. We have a certified specialists ready to assist you.

Steps to Simplification

It all starts with a plan

From automated Lighting systems to over an inspiring media room, it takes careful planning to design and install an automated system that complements your home and lifestyle. We will help you determine the proper mix of automated systems and controls, and design of your choice.

System Design

We will work with you and/or your architect/builder, interior designer to ascertain your requirements, then design program and install a suitable solution.


After the planning and design have been finalized, it’s time for installation. As your home is being constructed or retro-fit, any special electrical work, wiring, fixtures or cabinets to house electrical equipment can now be installed.

Upgrade Support

The decision to automate your environment represents a significance investment in your home and in technology. To protect your investments long-term value, you will want to be sure that your home and system will easily accommodate new innovations in multimedia, networking and communications formats, as well as your family’s changing needs.